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Belgium is the best place for the world-class food. And since food is even better when shared,
we want to connect with food lovers worldwide. The Belgian food industry created this
platform to introduce international food professionals to our innovative and diverse food
products and companies. It's time to get a taste of Belgium!

What's cooking in Belgium?


The food.be voices of Volys

Meet Volys, a Belgian poultry company that introduced turkey ham in the European market.

Best of Belgium

Masters in mozzarella: meet Milcobel, Belgium's largest dairy cooperative

Milcobel, Belgium’s largest dairy cooperative, makes mozzarella as an ingredient for food companies all over the world – from Europe to Asia and Africa. 


Doing business at international level: out with the old, in with the new?

Contacts make for new contracts.

Best of Belgium

Sustainably canned craftsmanship: Vanhonsebrouck brewery's specialty beers

For Kasteelbrouwerij Vanhonsebrouck, sustainability is at the core of it all: from export to partnerships and, of course, growth. These beer brewers have big dreams!

Best of Belgium

Beyers Koffie: sustainable coffee from bean to cup

Belgium’s largest coffee roaster, Beyers Koffie takes coffee further to reach its bold ambition to become the leading sustainable private-label coffee company.


Poco Loco makes Roeselare the European Tex Mex capital

Did you know that Belgium also excels in making tortilla chips and wraps? Last week, the first stone was officially laid in Roeselare for Poco Loco's new, CO2-neutral production facility for tortillas. 

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