Algist Bruggeman makes bakers’ yeast for both traditional and industrial bakeries as well as for consumers who bake their bread at home. Yeast is sold in fresh, liquid or dried form. Algist Bruggeman also supplies ingredients and dough enhancers.

Algist Bruggeman is a pioneer and market leader in designing liquid yeast systems as well as in the creation of customized yeasts. The highly effective Kastalia system is one example. This refrigerated dispenser for liquid yeast is the result of its technological expertise.

This unique 20-litre dosing system with a bag-in-box concept guarantees greater hygiene, greater user-friendliness, a considerable time saving and better cost control for traditional bakers. The success of Kastalia is now visible throughout the whole of Europe.

Algist Bruggeman, a passion for yeast.

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