Greenyard Prepared is a global player in freshly processed fruit & vegetables and other ambient food products that are convenient to have at hand and ready to eat. We offer our customers - among whom we count retailers, food service companies and the food industry - an extensive product portfolio, from classic preserved products in cans or jars to instant soups, sauces, dips and pasta dishes in a variety of packaging. Our products meet modern consumer needs for tasty, convenient, quick, but at the same time healthy food choices.

Products and brands

Base, stock

Canned vegetables

Convenience food, prepared meals and dishes

Dipping sauces, guacamole, tapenade

Jams, fruit jellies and compotes, fruit or nut puree and pastes

Pasta sauces

Potatoes, potato products

Soups and broths


Vegetables, cut, washed and packed (ready to eat)

Vinaigrettes, dressings, sauces for salads

Warm sauces, sauces to heat up


B2B, Foodservices, Retail, Private label

Available in the following countries

United States of America