As semi-traditional producer of packaged chocolates and pralines, Pralibel is a unique supplier on the chocolate market. With a constant focus on innovation, health, safety, quality and flexibility, we offer solutions for all market segments worldwide!
A dynamic, innovative company where flexibility and quality is of paramount importance. With a wide range of quality products, Pralibel is the ideal supplier for your chocolate products. Pralibel, your partner in chocolate ...

Pralibel was founded in 1993 by a group of dynamic entrepreneurs led by Paul Sulmon. Started as artisanal chocolate factory, the company quickly grew into a company of more than 10 000 m² which distributes chocolates around the world. With an extensive and ultramodern machinery Pralibel produces over 200 different chocolates, including fair trade chocolates, which together account for a daily production of 10 tons. The finishing touch done by hand makes the unique view of each praline.
Since the start Pralibel experienced an explosive growth and over the years the company has built a strong image. The craftsmanship and years of expertise in developing delicious chocolate creations delights customers in over 40 countries worldwide.

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