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Belgium is the best place for the world-class food. And since food is even better when shared,
we want to connect with food lovers worldwide. The Belgian food industry created this
platform to introduce international food professionals to our innovative and diverse food
products and companies. It's time to get a taste of Belgium!

What's cooking in Belgium?


“The world is increasingly smitten with Belgian food”

Today, the whole food chain is being challenged by the war in Ukraine. Luckily, the comeback is always greater than the setback. Together with economist Carole Dembour, we dove into the figures of the Belgian food industry.


Press release: Belgian food and drinks more popular than ever in the United Kingdom

In the wake of Brexit, Belgian food and drinks are doing better than ever in the United Kingdom, even outperforming products from our neighbouring countries. From 8 through 12 May, some thirty Belgian food companies will be joining HRH Princess Astrid on a mission to the UK.

Best of Belgium

WaWaah Water: a tasty, fun and healthy drink for kids

WaWaah Water is a healthy children’s alternative to soft drinks. No sugar but added vitamins, with great taste and styling made by and for kids.

Best of Belgium

Ingredient mozzarella? Made in Belgium!

Consistent top quality combined with excellent customer care are two factors that account for the success of Milcobel Premium Ingredients worldwide.

Best of Belgium

Poppies Bakeries: traditional craftsmanship on a larger scale

With mouth-watering biscuits, frozen desserts, macarons and much more, Poppies Bakeries is perfecting the art of large-scale baking. 

Best of Belgium

Bringing Belgium’s favourite pastries to the retail market

As a specialist baker of frangipane, genoise cakes and soft waffles, Lilly’s Cakes brings Belgium’s favourite pastries to your local supermarket. 

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