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Healthy, tasty, quality and innovative products

InnovationBelgian food products are savoury, high-quality products and your best guarantee of customer satisfaction and added value. Innovation is crucial to ensuring their exquisite taste and high quality.  

The Belgian food industry is aware of the importance of research and innovation in the development of its activities. Innovation enables the food sector to develop products that satisfy the most demanding consumers.

The number of innovative Belgian food companies is not to be underestimated. One company in three works on new products while one in two works on organizational and processing innovations. Continuous research is done to improve the taste of products, their nutritional composition (less sugar and salt etc.), microbiological safety, food for the elderly, diabetics etc., packaging, industrial efficiency and so on.   

By intensively working together on innovation, food companies can improve their competitiveness.

Erwin Lamot, Manager Flanders' Food

Belgian food companies are continuously looking for better nutrition for better health, with a variety of tastes to suit different cultures.                                

In a highly competitive international environment, innovation is also a determining factor in the future of food companies. Innovation and competitiveness do indeed go hand in hand!

That’s why the Belgian food industry has taken a proactive approach to innovation. It has set up regional knowledge institutes for innovation: Flanders’ FOOD in Flanders and WagrALIM in Wallonia. These organizations encourage and support companies in their innovation efforts. Find out more about their activities at and

The best of Belgium

Belgian innovation in breakfast cereals

Mulder Natural Foods is a leading European manufacturer of breakfast cereals. This ultra-modern production site produces a wide range of breakfast cereals (such as chocolate balls, honey balls and filled cereals) and different types of flakes. In order to ensure continued growth, its R&D department constantly researches new products in the breakfast sector.

It was the first company in the sector to respond to the latest health trends and produce crunchy muesli without added sugar. The sugar is replaced with a delicate mix of sweet natural fibres such as corn, beetroot and chicory.


The Danone factory in Belgium, the birthplace of Actimel!

The Danone factory at Rotselaar, an industrial gem, specializes in producing drinkable yoghurt with health benefits in small bottles. Thanks to Actimel (a Belgian discovery!) and its other products, the site has grown into one of Danone’s most important production sites in the world today, with a current production of 170,000 tons per year and 5.5 millions of Actimel bottles daily. More than 90% of the products manufactured at Rotselaar are destined for export. They are exported to 10 European countries. In addition to Actimel, the factory also markets Danacol, Activia and Gervais Drink. Another special feature of this factory is that the bottle supplier – Graham Packaging – is located right next to the site – ‘wall to wall’.

Inulin, a prebiotic dietary fibre made in Belgium

For more than 20 years Belgium has been producing more than 70% of the world volume of inulin, a soluble dietary fibre. This vegetable dietary fibre is extracted from chicory root. Changes in our eating habits mean that we are eating less and less fruit and vegetables. This translates today into a lack of the fibre essential to a well-balanced diet. By way of compensation, most manufacturers in the food industry offer products that are enriched with fibre. Inulin offers a great many more benefits than ordinary fibre. Manufacturers emphasize its prebiotic effect, lower calorie content and better absorption of calcium by the bones (for a very specific sort of inulin). Inulin is one of the few ingredients in the world that contains all these properties beneficial for our health. Belgium currently exports more than 95% of its total inulin production to more than 50 countries around the world!

A Belgian patent for liquid yeast

Algist Bruggeman, a Belgian company, makes bakers’ yeast for both traditional and industrial bakeries as well for consumers baking their bread at home.

Yeast is sold in fresh, liquid or dried form. Algist Bruggeman also supplies ingredients and dough enhancers.
The company is a pioneer and market leader in designing liquid yeast systems as well in the creation of customized yeasts. The highly effective Kastalia system is one example. The refrigerated dispenser for liquid yeast is the result of its exceptional technological expertise.

This unique 20-litre dosing system with a bag-in-box packaging concept guarantees greater hygiene, greater convenience and better cost control for traditional bakers. The success of Kastalia is now visible throughout the whole of Europe.