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The Flemish export promotion agency Flanders Investment & Trade developed a branding strategy to strengthen the image of Flanders (Belgiums northern region) abroad.

The food industry collaborated in the development of the “Flanders Accelerates” strategy, which was presented at the Flanders International Economic Summit on 7 May. The result is a cross-sectoral presentation of the strenghts of the Flemish economic system.

The food sector one of the focus areas in the “Flanders Accelerates” strategy. Here is why:

Flanders: where food nourishes innovation, quality and collaboration

Flanders’ fondness for food has grown into a close-knit network of food companies, a diverse range of healthy and innovative food products and one of the world’s most reliable food chains. Multidisciplinary collaborations between our government, academia and industry lead to incubator programmes, grants and other forms of business support. By striving continuously for superior quality, traceability and sustainability, we create delicious food products that meet the standards of tomorrow’s consumer.

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