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Belgian food is your guarantee of impeccable quality, food safety and health


Optimal efficiency and products with superior quality and taste are central to the Belgian food industry. Employees are continuously trained to be masters of quality management. Developing the skills of the workforce increases the productivity of food companies and enables ongoing improvements to the quality of food products.

Belgian food products are of impeccable quality and safety. The Belgian food industry is subject to stringent food safety standards and the safety and quality of food products produced and consumed in Belgium are rigorously monitored by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain. A compulsory self-checking system is one of the foundations of their policy: all companies active in the food chain – from farmers to supermarkets, from manufacturers to hotel and catering establishments – must be able to provide proof that they have taken all the necessary measures to reduce risks to a minimum and to guarantee maximum food safety. 

The self-checking system is based on the European HACCP legislation. A company must scrutinize all its production processes and map out any hazards that could affect food safety. It then has to take the necessary measures to eliminate these hazards as far as possible.

To provide a simple example: for a meat-processing company, temperature is a critical factor for bacterial contamination. Therefore this factor needs to be monitored extremely carefully throughout the chain: in production, storage, transport, etc.

These self-checking systems are generally certified by third parties.

Thanks to the compulsory self-checking system,
food safety is a priority for all companies active in the food chain.

Gil Houins, Managing Director of the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC)

As a result of that policy, food safety is firmly embedded in the way the Belgian food companies are organized. And that is a great reassurance for all the parties involved: consumers, public authorities and companies, but also for foreign buyers who can be confident in the safety and quality of Belgian food products!

Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC)

  • Founded in 2000.
  • Monitors the safety of the food chain and the quality of the food products that are marketed in Belgium.
  • Throughout the whole chain – from raw materials to end product.
  • Checks imported products at border inspection posts.
  • Issues more than 200,000 certificates each year for the export of Belgian products.
  • More than 1,250 employees.

Defining joint action points is an effective means of encouraging each player in our sector to take initiatives at their own level.

Piet Vanthemsche, President of the Union of Farmers (‘Boerenbond’)

Close collaboration throughout the food chain strengthens the spirit of quality

The Belgian food industry has a history of good relationships between sectors. The co-operation between the different players in the food chain – farmers, cattle feed sector, distributors and the food sector – ensures that information is exchanged and joint action is undertaken to provide excellent quality throughout the chain and to reduce the impact of the whole food chain on the environment.

This comprehensive approach is key to its success as it encourages every actor in the chain to work towards the same goal, and thus to make their own contribution to a high-quality and environmentally friendly food supply chain.

Thanks to the compulsory self-checking system, food safety is a priority for all companies active in the food chain.