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Welcome! Coming from a small country in the heart of Europe, Belgians are known to be rather modest and humble. But when it comes to our food and drinks, we tend to think that we are uniquely phenomenal. We have a great story to tell, with quality, diversity and innovation as its main characters. – Small country. Great food.’ is the brand we use to promote the quality, diversity and innovation of Belgian food and beverages and was created by Fevia, the Belgian food and drink federation. Have a look around our website and let yourself be inspired our stories. But most of all: discover what more than 1,300 Belgian food and drink companies can do for you!

Exporting our quality

The Belgian food industry is booming and owes its growth mainly to export. Indeed, we love sharing our great food with food lovers across the world. Today, our 4 neighbouring countries remain our main export destinations, representing more than half of our exports. But more and more consumers from other European regions, such as the Baltic states and Central and Eastern European countries, discover Belgian food and drinks. The main growth however comes from markets outside of Europe, such as the United States, China, Japan, South Korea and Canada.

So why do consumers around the world love Belgian food and beverages? We tend to think that it is because our cuisine is simply delicious and because our products are known for their quality. This reputation is well-deserved, as great food is not a hollow phrase but a veritable part of Belgium’s culture. We Belgians love high-quality cuisine and we enjoy sharing it in good company.

Guaranteed food safety

But quality is about more than taste. It is also the fact that we guarantee food safety. Belgium developed a leading system to guarantee quality and food safety throughout the foodchain. A compulsory self-checking system based on the European hygiene legislation and supplemented with voluntary third party certification embeds food safety in the way our food companies are organized. The independent Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain rigorously monitors the safety and quality of food products, from farmers to supermarkets and from manufacturers to hotel and catering establishments.

Discover the diversity of Belgian food and drinks

Belgium is a small country at the crossroads of the major European food traditions. Pushed by consumers with a taste for great food, the Belgian food chain, including a large number of small and medium-sized  companies, is known for its diversity. You might have occasionally enjoyed some of our famous 1500 beers. Or maybe you are fan of our on our 320 Belgian quality chocolate makers? And of course you are well aware that the only real fries are our famous Belgian fries.

But Belgium food has plenty of hidden champions waiting to be discovered. From frozen vegetables to quality meat products or plant-based alternatives: let yourself be inspired by the broad range of delicious Belgian food and beverages via a simple search on the top of the website.

Discover the 27 subfederations

The Belgian food industry is represented by Fevia and its 27 subfederations, which are active in diverse food sectors:

  • Bakery: FGBB, the Belgian Federation of Industrial Bakeries,
  • Beer: FBB, Belgian Brewers,
  • Biscuits, Chocolate, Pralines and Confectionary: CHOPRABISCO, the Royal Belgian Association for Biscuits, Chocolate, Pralines and Confectionary,
  • Bottled waters and soft drinks: FIEB-VIWF, the Belgian Association of Producers of Bottled Water and Soft drinks,
  • Coffee: Koffiecafe, the Royal Union of Coffee Roasters,
  • Condiments, Seasoning and Sauces: Culinaria Belgium, the Belgian Association of Producers of Condiments, Seasoning and Sauces,
  • Dairy: BCZ-CBL, the Belgian Confederation of Dairy Industries,
  • Fats and oils: Liprobel, the Federation of Belgian Producers of Fats and Oils,
  • Flavours, Fragrances and Extractions: Aroma, the Association of Producers, Importers, Processors and Mixers of Flavours, Fragrances and Extractions,
  • Flour: KVBM – ARMB, the Belgian Royal Milling Association,
  • Food and food ingredients for infants and small children:, represents companies putting foods and food ingredients specifically tailored for infants and young children aged 0-3 years on the Belgian market,
  • Food supplements: be-sup, the Belgian association for food supplements,
  • Fruit juices and fruit drinks: AJUNEC, the Belgian Association of Producers, Bottlers and Importers of Fruit juices and Fruit Drinks,
  • Fruits and vegetables: VEGEBE, the Union of the Belgian Fruit and Vegetable Processing Sector,
  • Ice cream: FeBelGlaces vzw, the Federation of the Belgian Ice Cream Industry,
  • Ingredients for bakery and pastry: UNIFA, the Union of Belgian Suppliers for Baking, Cakes, Chocolate and Ice Cream Producers,
  • Malt: Federatie der Belgische Mouters, the Federation of Belgian Maltsters,
  • Marmalade, stewed and canned fruit and fruit preparations: the Royal Association of Producers of Marmalade, Stewed fruit, Canned Fruit and Fruit Preparations,
  • Meat: FEBEV, the Federation of Belgian Meat,
  • Meat products: FENAVIAN vzw, the Belgian Federation of Meat Products,
  • Organic food: BioForum, the Centre for Organic Agriculture and Food,
  • Potato and potato products: Belgapom, the Professional Organisation of the Belgian Potato Trade and Processing Industry,
  • Poultry: VIP-België VZW, the Association of Industrial Poultry Slaughterhouses,
  • Ready meals: BreMa, the Belgian Association for Ready Meals,
  • Rice: Vereniging der Belgische Rijstpellerijen, the Union of Rice Peelers,
  • Spices: Belgische Specerijenvereniging vzw, the Belgian Spice Association,
  • Sugar: SUBEL, the Association of Belgian Sugar Producers,

Investing in innovation

We value traditions and craftsmanship that is often passed on from generation to generation. As a matter of fact, we’ve been innovating with food and beverages for centuries. But we can’t ignore that the world is changing at an ever-faster pace. So how do we cope with the shifting consumer needs and demands? The answer is innovation. Belgian food and drinks companies continue to invest in research and development while respecting traditions. And what’s more: they do so across a large variety of food sectors. Supported by the unique innovation clusters Flanders’ FOOD and Wagralim, even the smallest Belgian food producers take the lead in innovation and create your food of tomorrow, today.

Belgian food and beverages in numbers

The food industry is Belgium’s largest industrial sector. Here are few numbers (based on Fevia’s Annual economic report 2017-2018) that summarize our food and beverage sector:

  • 4,346 employees
  • 52,6 billion euro turnover
  • 1,8 billion euro investments
  • 26,7 billion euro exports
  • 90,000 direct and 140,000 indirect jobs

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