“Food.be – Small country. Great food.” is the brand we use to promote the quality, innovation and sustainability of Belgian food and drinks. Created by Fevia, the federation of the Belgian food and drink industry, this platform connects international food professionals with more than 1,300 Belgian food companies. So have a look around and browse over the broad range of delicious Belgian food and beverages via a simple search on the top of the food.be website. Or get inspired by the interesting stories on our subfederations and companies.

You love quality? So do we

Belgian food & drinks are reliable, delicious and internationally recognized thanks to the expertise and craftsmanship of Belgian food & drink producers. Buyers and consumers can rely on the safety of Belgian food and drinks because of the highest food safety standards which are applied throughout the food chain, from farm to fork.

We shape tomorrow’s food through innovation

Belgium is an excellent testing ground for food innovations thanks to its location at the crossroads of different cultures in Europe and its extensive R&D landscape. This makes Belgian food companies innovation-minded and flexible to new trends and consumer demands, at home and abroad. Supported by the unique innovation clusters Flanders’ FOOD and Wagralim, even the smallest Belgian food producers take the lead in innovation and create your food of tomorrow, today.

Working on a sustainably future

Based on our sustainability roadmap towards 2025, the Belgian food industry is working together with customers, suppliers, and many other stakeholders on sustainable solutions. The roadmap sets out from the question “What’s for dinner tomorrow?” and includes an action plan that will enable Belgian food companies to deliver on than 32 concrete ambitions in the years to come.

Belgian food and drinks numbers

The food industry is Belgium’s largest industrial sector. Here are few numbers (based on Fevia’s Annual economic report 2021-2022) that summarize our food and drink sector:

  • 61,4 billion euro turnover
  • 1,9 billion euro investments
  • 30 billion euro exports
  • 4,201 employees
  • 98,000 direct jobs


Partnerships we're proud of