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Belgium is the best place for the world-class food. And since food is even better when shared,
we want to connect with food lovers worldwide. The Belgian food industry created this
platform to introduce international food professionals to our innovative and diverse food
products and companies. It's time to get a taste of Belgium!

What's cooking in Belgium?


The Belgian cuisine through the eyes of the Lady Chef of the Year 2023

Did you know that every year a female chef in Belgium is elected Lady Chef of the Year? On Oct. 23 2023, Manon Schenck received the award: "The flavours of this Lady Chef speak to the heart." How does she perceive Belgian food? Let’s find out!


Spotted at Anuga: 5 promising trends for tomorrow’s food

Anuga 2023 is a wrap! The food fair in Cologne was again the event of the year for our members. As many as 192 Belgian food companies talked to existing and potentially new customers about their diverse products and latest innovations.

Belgian Economic Mission to Australia



Belgian Yolloh sweets travelling the world

Founded five years ago, Yolloh is a proudly Belgian name in the world of high-quality sweets. "There was a gap in the market," says Frederic Naymark, co-founder and export manager. "We take great pride in building a strong Belgian brand with premium products."


La Lorraine Bakery Group invests 20 million euros in new production line in Barchon

La Lorraine Bakery Group is a Belgian family-owned company with 85 years experience in the milling and bakery sector.


Upcycling with Gudrun’s pralines

The chocolate producer Gudrun, located in Lier, developed a chocolate delight based on cocoa fruit pulp, the pod of the cocoa bean. The Cacaofruit Bites is a great example of circularity, in which the residual product is being incorporated into the final product.


Press release: Belgian food exports to Australia are on the rise

Australia is on the up as an export destination for Belgian food and drinks. Last year the country made its first appearance in the top 5 of overseas export destinations. The upcoming European-Australian trade agreement is certain to lend even more of a boost to the food and beverage trade.

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