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On this page, discover what Belgian food and beverage companies are up to – including the latest innovations, investments and events. After all, companies in Belgium don’t sit still for long! For bite-sized news items, satisfy your craving with some food.be snacks. Are you more interested in exports and investments? Check out our Best of Belgium long-read stories. Not in the mood for reading? There’s a food.be video to suit your tastes. Hear the voices of our own companies speak in their own words. Enjoy!


Belgian Yolloh sweets travelling the world

Founded five years ago, Yolloh is a proudly Belgian name in the world of high-quality sweets. "There was a gap in the market," says Frederic Naymark, co-founder and export manager. "We take great pride in building a strong Belgian brand with premium products."


La Lorraine Bakery Group invests 20 million euros in new production line in Barchon

La Lorraine Bakery Group is a Belgian family-owned company with 85 years experience in the milling and bakery sector.


Towards a living income for cocoa farmers: Belgian chocolate industry is committed

How do we make sure we assign the right value to sustainably farmed cocoa? This was the main topic at the World Cocoa Conference. No fewer than 1,000 stakeholders, including Choprabisco, descended on Brussels to affirm their commitment to ensuring sustainable chocolate. 


The Belgian cuisine through the eyes of the Lady Chef of the Year 2023

Did you know that every year a female chef in Belgium is elected Lady Chef of the Year? On Oct. 23 2023, Manon Schenck received the award: "The flavours of this Lady Chef speak to the heart." How does she perceive Belgian food? Let’s find out!


What’s Cooking? focuses on circular water usage

Produce food with less water? It is possible! March 22nd, World Water Day, What’s Cooking? inaugurated its brand-new water reuse installation. The installation results in half the amount of wastewater and half the amount of groundwater usage. 


A nutritious smoothie bowl? Ready in 3, 2, 1 with Cube

Putting together a nutritious meal has never been easier. Cube, an SME from West Flanders, has launched an innovation: smoothies in the form of frozen drops. “With the drops, one can create a nutritious smoothie bowl in no time, without compromising on taste or quality.”


Hopping along with Brewery Palm

What grapes are to fine wine, are hops to great beer. Brewery Palm is investing in the future of Belgian hops by joining forces with the non-profit organisation "De Orde van de Groene Bel". By teaming up, the brewery is aiming for more locally sourced raw materials in its beers.


Beyers Koffie pioneers electric coffee roasting line

Beyers Koffie is teaming up with CEE, a Belgian cleantech company, to create the first-ever all-electric coffee roasting line on an industrial scale. An innovation that reduces energy consumption by up to three times, thus reducing the climate impact of coffee production. 


PMSweet is expanding and is now the world’s biggest macaron producer

The world’s biggest macaron factory, you ask? Well, it happens to be based in Belgium. PMSweet poured substantial investments in a 17,000 m2 state-of-the-art factory. An investment that rightly allows PMSweet to call itself the world’s biggest macaron producer.