BioXtract's expertise lies in the development, production and marketing of food supplements with proven therapeutic activity. We work B2B, as supplier of high quality finished products to the nutraceutical or pharmaceutical industry. Our products are supplied with complete scientific dossiers, recognition by international key opinion leaders, and regulatory/marketing support. BioXtract is GMP and FSSC 22000 certified.
BioXtract offers Innovative Food Supplements and Standardized Formulated Ingredients for Private Label Sales. The Patented Products contain highly bioavailable curcumin with clinically proven efficacy.

Joint Care: ARANTAL Clear®
ARANTAL Clear® is a natural bio-optimized Curcuma longa formulation for the treatment of Osteoarthritis. It has an action on acute and chronic pain. ARANTAL Clear® improves patient’s mobility and also protects the cartilage from degradation. ARANTAL Clear® can also be used to improve healing of muscle and ligament lesions. ARANTAL Clear® is a natural and efficient alternative to classical NSAIDs drugs and painkillers that are having side effects especially for chronic treatments. ARANTAL Clear® presents a lot of clinical studies performed on the product itself showing its high efficacy.

Allergic Rhinitis: NASALER®
NASALER® is a natural remedy for the symptoms of Seasonal and Non-Seasonal Allergy (Pollen, Animal Air, Pollution, Dust, Mites, Air Conditioning..) containing bioavailable Curcumin and Quercetin offering relief of the symptoms with long term immunomodulating activity. NASALER® acts on the underlying inflammation, reducing the need for medical treatments. As a complement or an alternative to conventional medical treatments for allergic rhinitis, it is the first effective natural alternative of its kind. Taking NASALER® on a chronic basis will gradually increase the tolerance to allergens.

Gastroenterology: RIFENCIN®
RIFENCIN® is a natural remedy for the relief of Gastro-Intestinal disorders (IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome) containing bioavailable Curcumin and Fennel Essential Oil. RIFENCIN® has been tested in large scale clinical trials demonstrating its efficiency on the reduction of abdominal pain as well as improvement of the Quality of Life of all the patients. RIFENCIN® can be used on chronic basis without side effects.

Joint Care: CURSOL®
CURSOL® is a patented active ingredient offering highly soluble and bioavailable Curcumin with powerful anti-inflammatory action. CURSOL® is particularly designed for all pathologies involving inflammatory processes. Its highly free flowing powder form allows any possible mixture with other active ingredients for targeting a selected pathology. CURSOL® is one of the most bio-optimized curcumin powder available on the market. Clinical trial demonstrates its superiority without side-effects on long term treatments.

Metabolic Syndrome: REGULID Plus®
REGULID Plus® is a natural remedy based on the Mediterranean diet (Organic Garlic, Olive Oil and Omega-3) acting on the Weight Management by intervening on the metabolism of adipose tissue. The active ingredients of REGULID Plus® have the potential to reduce the low-grade but Chronic Inflammation which is now recognized to play a major role in cardiovascular risks factor in overweight people. REGULID Plus® acts as a natural treatment of the Metabolic Syndrome demonstrating its inhibitory effects on fat cells development.

Mental Efficiency: COGNITYL®
COGNITYL® is a natural herbal supplement for Concentration and Mental Efficiency, associating highly active xanthine’s (theobromine from Cocoa and caffeine from Green Tea) in well-defined ratio and concentrations for an optimal action on intellectual fatigue and exhaustion. COGNITYL® improves mental energy (concentration, motivation, cognition, well-being and alertness) and reduces physical fatigue specifically at the level of muscular cells.

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