GB Foods is one of Europe’s leading food companies.
We are passionate about food, and we know what our consumers like. The reason that we are completely in touch with our consumers’ tastes is because we have been established here in Europe for a long time. Our portfolio is built on local brands – many have been part of the local food landscape for more than 100 years.
Building on its expertise from its research centers around Europe, GB Foods provides a home for these local brands to continue to improve and grow.
Together, they form a diversified portfolio of quality brands in soups, stocks, bouillons, cold and warm sauces, and dessert mixes.
Our brands: D&L, Royco, Liebig, Lacroix, Aïki, Imperial…

Products and brands

Cold sauces, mayonnaises

Devos Lemmens

Convenience food, prepared meals and dishes

AïKI Noodles, Royco Snack


Devos Lemmens

Soups and broths

Lacroix, Liebig

Soups and broths and preparations therefore, instant soups


Tomato ketchup and other tomato sauces

Devos Lemmens


B2B, Foodservices, Retail

Available in the following countries

Albania, Australia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Israel, Italy, Korea (South), Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom