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At GriffithFoods we collaborate withfood companies to create food beyond existing boundaries, so they can delight their customers in exciting new ways. Leveraging our superior food science & technology, creative innovation, and global reach, local support, we generate distinctive solutions that take foods to new destinations in taste and texture, healthfulness, safety and cost efficiency.
Explore a world of possibilities and discover where innovation lives at Griffith Foods

What do we do?
We collaborate with food companies to
- Add unique value to their products and business
- Support growth of their sales and profits
- differentiate and protect their brands in today's dynamic marketplace.

How do we do it?
By developing customized ingredient systems that:
- deliver superior functional and sensory properties
- empower customers to create distinctive foods
- allow customers to achieve competitive advantages
We collaborate with Food Service, Retail, Distributors and Processors. Whatever the segment of focus, we are committed to providing customized solutions that build and protect valued brands.

Customized ingredients systems to create standout products.
At Griffith Foods we offer ingredients systems and solutions that are as unique as your opportunities and challenges. Everything we do is tailored to our customer's needs - whether the goal is to differentiate through distinct flavours, textures or appearance, achieve cost savings without altering critical attributes, add new health claims or gain functional advantages such as shelf life, yield or others.

Our responsibility is to meet your specific criteria and deliver the critical performance consistency your brand demands.

Products and brands

Basic products, ingredients for the food industry

Mixed seasonings, spices


B2B, Foodservices, Retail, Private label

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Russian Federation