Mulder Natural Foods



Mulder Natural Foods is a leading Private Label producer of conventional & organic breakfast cereals and offers B2B solutions for the food industry. We have a complete range of granolas and crunchies, (oven baked) muesli, porridge, flakes and kids’ cereals. In order to meet every customer’s need, we have developed tasty sugar reduced products and we offer a conventional & organic range of gluten free products such as puffed quinoa, amaranth, rice etc. Following the trends, we also pack in doypacks and have on-the-go solutions. At Mulder we never compromise on quality. With state of the art machinery, the finest ingredients, higher level certificates and a premium service we make the difference.

Products and brands

Muesli type preparations based on unroasted cereal flakes

Gluten Free, Organic

Prepared breakfast cereals and other cereal grain products

Gluten Free, Organic


B2B, Retail, Private label

Available in the following countries

Australia, France, Italy, Korea (South), Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom