Beyers Koffie pioneers electric coffee roasting line


Beyers Koffie is teaming up with CEE, a Belgian cleantech company, to create the first-ever all-electric coffee roasting line on an industrial scale. An innovation that reduces energy consumption by up to three times, thus reducing the climate impact of coffee production. 

Growth strategy

Beyers Koffie wants to grow: by 2027, sales should triple. The company wants to achieve that goal in a sustainable way, thanks to an electric coffee roasting line. Coffee beans are traditionally roasted on natural gas. In contrast, this electric approach operates at lower temperatures (maximum 230°C compared to 600°C). The innovation is energy-efficient and emits no harmful greenhouse gases. Using only a third of the usual amount of energy, they now produce the same amount of coffee beans.

Keeping up with the times

Three major investments in three years. A new hall, a production line for compostable coffee pods and an electric production line. Beyers Koffie is investing more than ten million euros in the renewable energy electric roaster. This investment is not only a response to the growing demand for sustainable products, but also a forward-looking step to meet European climate targets.

Beyers plans to roast a third to half of its coffee with this new showpiece. "It is the first industrial roaster of its kind in the world," says CEO Cory Bush. "Innovation is one of our company's core values and the need to bet on clean technologies is getting bigger and bigger. We like to be the first, but we hope others will soon follow. The planet needs it."

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