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Frigilunch, established in the early 1970’s, is a leading manufacturer of frozen ready meals, meal components, soups, sauces and more. Frigilunch produces over 50 million meals a year for airlines, retail, health care and food service. The company’s custom-built, high-capacity processing and packaging facilities in Veurne (Belgium) and Lelystad (The Netherlands) allow both large and small-scale production runs, ranging from 1000 to 60.000 meals per production.

Always thinking ahead, Frigilunch aims to provide its customers with complete concepts and tailor-made solutions. Meals for specific diets, elderly people, children, with less salt or sugar, gluten or lactose free, in mono- or multi-portions,… Frigilunch’s flexibility is endless.

Everything is prepared in-house by Creadome, a creative team of 12 qualified chefs. With over 2,500 active recipes, developed in collaboration with top-chefs from all over the world, Frigilunch takes pride in being a producer, not just an assembler of meals. From European classics to ethnic dishes (Thai, African, Indian,…), everything is prepared from single components and cooked on the premises following patented processes developed by the company. Food safety is guaranteed by Frigilunch’s onw laboratory.

Cooking is for taste, automation is for cost.