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On-the-go delicacies

From great tasting butter croissants to delicious pains au chocolat and popular specialties as the chocolate custard twist, Gourmand brings the best of pastry to their customers and partners. Their products are ready to bake and serve fresh. Gourmand’s trademark sweet and savoury delicacies can be found in retail and on-the-go channels as airports, stations and coffee chains. All straight from their state-of-the-art production facility in Moeskroen, where they specialise in the production of laminated dough.

Focus on laminated pastry

With Gourmand, focus is key. By never losing track of their main strengths, Gourmand makes sure to offer golden standard products in the laminated pastry market. Everything starts with the consumer: when it comes to innovation and development, regular taste panels are extremely important. By asking customers essential questions on taste, and having the courage to change where needed, this company knows how to prioritize.

Transparency, sustainability and convenience remain key factors for the bright future of Gourmand.

At Gourmand, everything starts with the customer. We want to provide indulgence to the fullest”.