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West Flanders is the epicentre of the European frozen vegetable sector. No less than 1 in 2 sachets of frozen vegetables come from West Flanders. Our vegetables are made with quality and have an excellent image in the United States. Reason enough for frozen food producer Greenyard to bring its cauliflower rice to the shelves of New York City. Cauliflower rice is a very versatile product. It is not only healthy and easy to prepare, but also limits food loss.

Greenyard’s cauliflower rice hitting store shelves in New York City

Belgian frozen vegetables, an export champion

Not only our Belgian chocolates, waffles and beers are loved abroad. Our frozen vegetables are also a real export champion. No wonder West Flanders is called 'The Silicon Valley of the vegetable industry'. From now on, Americans can also taste Greenyard's organic and gluten-free cauliflower rice.

Tailor-made for Americans

In America, Belgian vegetables enjoy an excellent image. Top-quality products must therefore be kept in the most suitable packaging. That is why Greenyard and packaging expert Barias join forces to develop the right packaging for the cauliflower rice. A packaging that is both attractive, in keeping with American customs and guarantees food safety. Combine these factors, and you can speak of a success story.

Cauliflower rice: healthy and limits food loss

Greenyard developed an organic and gluten-free cauliflower rice with a specific herb. In no time you can make a simple and balanced dish. In addition, cauliflower rice is an environmentally friendly product to valorise residual flows and limit food losses. In short, a versatile product! Moreover, Greenyard has received many international awards since the introduction of the product in 2016.

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