How to make a circular biscuit with beer


How do you make something delicious out of leftovers in order to avoid useless waste? Well, Maison Dandoy, a Belgian biscuit maker showed us the way. In collaboration with Brussels Beer Project brewery, the circular ‘Tough Cookie biscuit’ made of beer draffs and the ‘Tough Cookie Beer’ made of broken speculoos were born.

Tough Cookie and Beer_Maison

Beer draffs and crumbled pieces of speculoos get a second life

Maison Dandoy and Brussels Beer Project teamed up to give a second life to soon-the-be-thrown-away products. Brussels Beer Project made a beer with crumbled speculoos while Maison Dandoy created a new biscuit made of beer draffs. Both products were named Tough Cookie.

How it's made

In order to make the cookie, Maison Dandoy used draffs, salvaged residues of cereals, during the cooking of the beer.

Tough Cookie and Beer_Maison

At the same time, Maison Dandoy’s speculoos shattered along the production line were collected and taken to Brussels Beer Project brewery. This collaboration is a perfect example of avoiding useless waste and completing the circle.

Tough Cookie and Beer_Maison

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