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Jebo Food was founded in 1995 by Jeroen Bossier, who kindly lent his initials to the newly established company. As a son of traditional fishmongers, and a son-in-law of the owners of a shipping company, fresh fish was the obvious starting point of Jebo Food. Bossier identified a new demand in the market and launched a range of spreadable fish-based salads and ready-meals. Today, Jebo Food’s product range has widened significantly and includes spreadable salads based on fish, meat, poultry and vegetables, fresh food components, ready-made dishes and pasteurized stews.

Craftsmanship, quality and passion

Indeed, a lot has changed since the early days. The company moved from Zeebrugge to Brugge and expanded its site in a few phases from a modest 200m2 to an impressive 14,000m2. A staff of almost 100 skilled professionals contribute to the company’s success on a daily basis. Over the last decade, the growth of the company has been nothing short of exponential.

And yet, the essence of Jebo Food has remained untouched: to provide artisan-made, high-quality food. To create products with pure flavours and honest ingredients. Jebo Food isn’t about assembling products and dishes: it’s about cooking fresh food from scratch, based on delicious products and authentic flavours. Creativity truly is a core value at Jebo Food: its in-house team of product developers works closely with customers in creating tailor-made products.

Jebo Food manages to maintain an incredible level of flexibility. The fact that the company offers both warm and cold products and dishes is a strong asset in this regard. Take its spreadable salads: whereas, traditionally, spreadable salads are mayonnaise-based, customers are now looking for healthier alternatives. Adding cooked vegetables provides a healthy alternative which is already well within Jebo Food’s comfort zone.

The human element is extremely important. Food is still something from people, for people.

A people-driven future

Even though the company has grown significantly over the years, it is determined to keep its SME-spirit. A flat structure, close collaboration and involvement with customers and staff is key. Every Jebo Food employee is a specialist in his or her field, bringing specialist expertise and experience to the table.

Jebo Food will also keep following customer-driven trends closely and monitor the market diligently. However, playing into trends and unleashing creativity will never interfere with Jebo’s core mission to create artisanal, authentic and delicious food.

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