La Lorraine Bakery Group invests 20 million euros in new production line in Barchon


La Lorraine Bakery Group (LLBG) is a Belgian family-owned company with 85 years experience in the milling and bakery sector. The group is celebrating the 30-year anniversary of its site in Barchon in the province of Liège with a brand new production line for artisan bakery, baguettes and ciabatta breads. The investment amounts to around 20 million euros.

La Lorraine Bakery Group invests 20 million euros in new production line in Barchon

Where craftsmanship and innovation meld

In 2003,  La Lorraine Bakery Group poured investments into its fresh bakery site in the Walloon town of Barchon into what was then new freeze technology, in which products are partially baked, then frozen and baked off fresher than fresh at the point of sale. This technology has enabled the company to start export operations from the Barchon site to a string of destinations including the United Kingdom, Germany and the Nordic countries. 

In order to further develop its international ambitions, La Lorraine Barchon is now expanding its site. After nearly 12 months of set-up work, the new line in Barchon is now kicking things off nu with its first commercial production runs as it is set to produce artisan quality loaves, ciabatta breads and baguettes on a large scale. 
The ingredients La Lorraine Bakery Group uses are sourced from local farmers within a radius of no more than 300 km. The company is also investing in regenerative farming projects aimed at growing grain with a reduced carbon footprint.

Attracting new talent

La Lorraine Barchon currently employs over 350 Food Heroes. The investment in the new production line is now creating extra jobs. Which is why La Lorraine Bakery Group has launched a recruitment campaign under the header “Ready to roll up your sleeves?”. 

“We are a fast-growing family-owned company with Belgian roots and strong values. It is the combined skills and talents of all of our employees that make the difference. In spite of our organisation’s rapid growth, we remain highly agile and enterprising. The inauguration of the new line in Barchon with top-quality artisan products is proof positive. And something our teams can be very proud of”, CEO Bakery Fresh Marc Vanherpe comments.
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