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Belgian chocolate enjoys worldwide fame. And with just cause: Belgium is the country that ‘discovered’ the praline and no other country has more chocolatiers. Belgium is home to a multitude of the greatest names in the world of chocolate. It has earned this fabulous reputation thanks to the outstanding quality of its chocolate combined with unique craftsmanship.


The superior quality of Belgian chocolate is based on two elements: a very careful selection of cocoa beans that are very finely ground, and a very long, slow conching process. Belgian chocolate companies also make significant investments to ensure product differentiation: single origin, high cocoa content, sugar-free, tooth-friendly, surprising flavour combinations, etc.

Belgian chocolates, known and loved around the world, are a wonderful reflection of the country’s creativity. They come in all different shapes, flavours, sizes and aromas. Each ‘chocolatier’ has his or her own collection. It comes as no surprise, then, that Belgium is the biggest per capita exporter of pralines in the world.