Best of Belgium

WaWaah Water: a tasty, fun and healthy drink for kids

WaWaah Water is a healthy children’s alternative to soft drinks. No sugar but added vitamins, with great taste and styling made by and for kids.


Spadel innovates with practical and eco-friendly packaging

Spadel, a regional water producer and employer in our neighbouring countries, is investing 2.6 million euros in its Spa Monopole plant for the installation of a new production line. The new packaging is recyclable and more eco-friendly.


Gulf region’s taste for Belgian food

Our Belgian delicacies have been gaining popularity in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and by extension the entire Gulf region. What other opportunities, food trends and events does the Middle East have to offer you? 

VIWF FIEB_ Belgian Federation of the Waters and Soft Drinks Industry

Let’s toast to our Belgian beverages!


Belgian mineral water of international renown

The international group Spadel produces and sells natural mineral water and lemonades. In 2009 SPA natural mineral water obtained the first European Quality Prize for Natural Mineral Water out of around 2,000 different types of water in Europe.

Best of Belgium

Coca-Cola in Belgium - An iconic and innovative brand

Coca-Cola is anchored in Belgium with 3 production site, 5 distribution sites, a technical service center and local headquarters in Brussels which is also the hub for one of the largest R&D centers of The Coca-Cola Company worldwide.