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Your connection to Belgian food & beverages

Belgium is the best place for the world-class food. And since food is even better when shared,
we want to connect with food lovers worldwide. The Belgian food industry created this
platform to introduce international food professionals to our innovative and diverse food
products and companies. It's time to get a taste of Belgium!

What's cooking in Belgium?


Take a bite out of tasty Belgian products on our digital Belgian pavilion

You are an international buyer in search of great food brands from Belgium? Then check out the brand-new digital showroom on B2B platform RangeMe!


Five terms to know in order to do business in Japan

Recently, a food delegation joined HRH Princess Astrid on the trade mission to Japan to bolster their existing business relations and explore new opportunities. Luckily, our ‘Belgitude’ is a great match for doing business with the Japanese.


From the United States to Japan: have you heard about the latest food trends?

Last year, our Belgian food companies exported no less than 30 billion euros in food and drink. Good reason to take a look at the world at large and to play to our strengths through our promotional brand “food.be”.


Mondelez invests in biscuit factory in Herentals

Mondelez International, the American multinational and producer of well-known brands such as Lu, Côte d’Or and Milka, is investing approximately 30 million in its biscuit factory in Herentals.


“The world is increasingly smitten with Belgian food”

Today, the whole food chain is being challenged by the war in Ukraine. Luckily, the comeback is always greater than the setback. Together with economist Carole Dembour, we dove into the figures of the Belgian food industry.


Healthy, fresh bread with high nutritional value

The industrial bakery Patroba Family Bakers has been producing breads with superior nutritional value and extended freshness since 1993. 


Sliced waffle from Avieta as alternative to sandwich

Each country has its own taste preferences. Through innovation, our companies respond to this, such as waffle producer Avieta. In the US, people like to eat sweet and salty at the same time.

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