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Welcome to Belgium, where food equals quality, innovation and diversity. is your hub to discover great Belgian food. Find out more about the stories, the farmers and the food processing companies behind Belgian food products.

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The world’s biggest ‘chocolate school’ is located in Belgium


Belgium not only has the biggest chocolate factory in the world, but Callebaut now opened a brand new Chocolate Academy in the village of Wieze where Callebaut’s story began in 1911. And indeed.. the new flagship Chocolate Academy centre is the biggest  in a current network of 16 Chocolate Academy centres worldwide, from Mexico and Canada to Poland and China. 

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Godiva continues to sweeten up China’s luxury market


The Belgian luxury chocolatier Godiva continues to rapidly develop its activities in China. Godiva opened its first chocolate boutique in China – at Xintiandi in Shanghai – in 2010. Now, in 2014, they reached the cape of 50 stores on their own account.

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BE Delicious or how to promote the strong Belgian food culture through shrimp croquettes…


BE Delicious is a new joint initiative of a number of companies and individuals who want to promote the Belgian food culture around the world via a number of typical Belgian products like shrimp croquettes. Shrimp croquettes ? Yes indeed! You might never heard of a shrimp croquette but it is a unique and well known product in Belgium. Beer, chocolate and waffles are already typically associated with Belgian cuisine and BE Delicious aims at reaching that same status for shrimp croquettes, in Belgium and abroad 

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Belgium: a cheese country?

Of course, Belgium has a lot of nice beers. And let’s not forget about their chocolate. But when it comes to other products, Belgians are often too humble. This is especially the case for the cheese makers. That’s why you probably don’t know – maybe even the Belgians don’t know either – that there are over 300 sorts of cheeses!

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Struik Foods Belgium wins the Award for Best Belgian Sustainability Report


logo best belgian sustainability report

For each of 15 years,  an award has been given for the Best Belgian Sustainability Report in four categories.  This Award recognises companies that transparently report  their social welfare issues and their environmental impact.

Struik Foods won the Best Belgian Sustainability Report in the category “Small and Medium Enterprises”.

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