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Belgium is the best place for the world-class food. And since food is even better when shared,
we want to connect with food lovers worldwide. The Belgian food industry created this
platform to introduce international food professionals to our innovative and diverse food
products and companies. It's time to get a taste of Belgium!

What's cooking in Belgium?


“The world is increasingly smitten with Belgian food”

Today, the whole food chain is being challenged by the war in Ukraine. Luckily, the comeback is always greater than the setback. Together with economist Carole Dembour, we dove into the figures of the Belgian food industry.


From the United States to Japan: have you heard about the latest food trends?

Last year, our Belgian food companies exported no less than 30 billion euros in food and drink. Good reason to take a look at the world at large and to play to our strengths through our promotional brand “food.be”.


Actimel is carbon-neutral and is already working on upcoming improvements

Not only is Actimel Danone’s first fresh dairy brand to achieve carbon-neutrality fort he production cycle as a whole. As a first in Belgium, Actimel is also set to work closely with its dairy farmers to administer feed supplement to cattle to reduce methane emissions. 


Frozen vegetables: fresh and straight from the field

Our Belgian vegetable processors annually process around 1 million tonnes of vegetables into frozen products. From cauliflowers to leeks, beans, cabbage, peas and carrots: in no time at all, they go from the field to the factory where they retain all their vitamins. 


Chaudfontaine’s mineral water bottling plant is climate-neutral

The Belgian mineral water bottling plant in Chaudfontaine has just been certified as fully CO2 neutral one year sooner than planned. The site made the switch to 100% renewable electrical power, reduced its use of fossil fuels and is continuing to invest in more sustainable processes. 

Best of Belgium

Meurisse: the revival of Belgium’s oldest chocolate brand

In 1845, Adolphe Meurisse started the first Belgian chocolate factory. Six generations down the line, the Meurisse brand is once again alive and kicking.

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