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Altoni Kelderman nv, a company that specializes in the production of meal components of high quality. By combining forces, of previously two small companies, they created a dynamic company that is ready for the future.

Altoni Pasta creates fresh pasta with passion and pride since 1993. By continuing to innovate and invest in the most advanced production facility Altoni succeeds to offer a wide range of top quality pasta. The recipe of Altoni in 1993 still lies at the basis of the present-day Altoni Pasta production.

For years, fresh croquettes have been a household name at the Kelderman house in Schoten. Already in the 70s, Irène Kelderman prepared the best puree for the best croquettes. Irène's recipe is still the basis of the Kelderman products today. In the meantime, the craftsmanship has been passed on from mother to son.

Products and brands

Cooked or uncooked stuffed pasta

Potatoes, potato products


B2B, Own brand

Available in the following countries

Belgium, Netherlands