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For over 30 years, Candy Pack has been evolving in the confectionery industry. Our core business consists in repacking sweets in the packaging that suits clients’ expectations and budget. Creating brand new ranges and innovative concepts is our asset!
We have a huge range of products covering all kinds of candies, biscuits and chocolate including bulk, wrapped candies, offered in different packages like cups, bags, felt packaging, filled displays, and so on...
All product can be developed under Private label or are available in Candy Pack’s brands: Sweet Party, Crack-Ups, Elisabeth, Monkey Balls & Cocktail Candy. We also have worldwide exclusivity on the "Smiley Candy” range.
Candy Pack is also the leader in seasonal products for celebrations like Halloween, Easter or Christmas. In this framework, we develop seasonal packaging (3D packaging, carton box, preformed bag…) and realize bespoke compositions based on customer’s needs.
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Products and brands

Chewing gum

Smiley Candy

Guimauve, marshmallows

Gums, fruit jellies

Cocktail Candy, Smiley Candy, Sweet Party


Sweet Party

Other boiled sugar sweets

Couille de Singe, Elisabeth

Sugar confectionery

Cocktail Candy, Couille de Singe, Crack-Ups!, Elisabeth, Smiley Candy, Sweet Party


B2B, Own brand, Private label

Available in the following countries

Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, Norway, Reunion (French), Sweden, Switzerland