Guenther Bakeries Belgium



Guenther Bakeries is a Belgian company with headquarters in san Antonio (Texas/USA).
We specialize in manufacturing hamburger buns.

We offer a wide range of products, which includes, besides the classic hamburger bun, numerous possible variations.
Furthermore we can develop a custom made solution for every customer.

In order to allow large volumes, we have worked year after year to expand the production capacity.
We supply restaurants and wholesalers.

Quality is very important to us, we take no risks. Therefore we set particularly high standards for quality and food safety.
Our buns are checked on 42 criteria. Guenther Bakeries Belgium meets the highest expectations of the customers thanks to our consistent business policy.
Besides that, we have been certified by various international testing institutes.

Products and brands

Baguette, flute, ciabatta


Ambiant, Frozen


B2B, Private label

Available in the following countries

France, Germany, Morocco, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Sweden, United Kingdom