The Happy Healthy Kids Company



Our mission? To help parents say yes!
If you have young children, you are confronted with a million questions and problems that you have to solve. Questions that come up regularly also have to do with healthy food and drinks for the kids. Don't they drink too many sugary products, do they actually drink enough during the day, ... Unfortunately, we as parents are being beaten around the ears with unhealthy products put on the market for children.

That's why the idea arose to launch our own healthy fun drink for children. We want to help parents say yes and create healthy drinking habits for their children, now and for their future.

Loved by kids and trusted by parents!

Products and brands

Soft drinks, sodas, waters, with added sugar, other sweetening matter or flavoured

Soft drinks; mineral waters and other bottled waters

Lactose Free, Salt Free, Sugar Free, Ambiant


B2C, Foodservices, Retail, Own brand