The company Silly offers, since 1988, products such as marzipan, hazelnut crunch, nougatine or meal to wholesalers, chocolate-makers, ice-makers or industry.
All these products are manufactured in its Brussels workshops with hazelnuts, almonds and other dried fruits carefully selected in their countries of origin.
A large variety exists in qualities, flavors and packaging.
The team of the company Silly, from its experience and its small structure, consequently provides a quality product to measure within a generally short time.

Products and brands

Base products for Chocolate industry

Base products for pastries

Base products for the Ice-cream industry

Basic products, ingredients for the food industry

Fruit, nuts, fruit peel and other parts of plants, preserved in sugar



Nuts, groundnuts, roasted, salted or otherwise prepared

Sugar coated (panned) goods


B2B, B2C, Retail, Own brand, Private label