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The future looks green, if you ask Ardo. The global player in frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit goes all out for safe, healthy and affordable products and uses innovations to respond to new consumer trends such as the search for alternative sources of protein. And yet Ardo's most recent innovation is not green, but surprisingly red...

Ardo sees the future as green... and red

Beet bacon 

Frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit are literally and figuratively natural and ”freshly frozen”, but Ardo also uses state-of-the-art technology to innovate. Ardo recently launched beet bacon: a pre-cooked, crispy piece of red beetroot. Beet bacon is a vegan and gluten-free alternative to bacon bits. 

Ardo is thus responding to the increasing demand for vegetable-based alternatives. The Belgian restaurant chain 'Balls & Glory' already believes in the product and uses beet bacon in its salads. The meal delivery company MealHero is also jumping on the bandwagon and offering the product on its menu.

The future is green

Ardo is fully committed to sustainable growth, which is why it was awarded 'Company of the Year' by EY in 2018. The West Flanders giant exports to more than 100 countries worldwide and has 21 production, packaging and distribution sites spread across nine countries. 

Due to the short distance between its factories and crops, only a few minutes are lost between harvesting and preserving the natural properties of the product in the freezers. Frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit are therefore fresher than fresh!

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