From the United States to Japan: have you heard about the latest food trends?

Last year, our Belgian food companies exported no less than 30 billion euros in food and drink. Good reason to take a look at the world at large and to play to our strengths through our promotional brand “”.


Caulier Brewery trebles its production capacity

For the past 25 years, Caulier Brewery has been brewing quality beers. The family brewery is currently expanding, with the intention of trebling its production capacity by 2025.


Brasserie Val-Dieu makes crackers out of beer draff

Val-Dieu was the first Belgian brewer to launch crackers based on the brewer’s beer draff, a residual product from the brewing of beer.


Brouwerij Huyghe scores in China with papaya beer

You undoubtedly know Brouwerij Huyghe for its iconic pink elephant and its Delirium Tremens beer. But in China, the brewery is best known for its new papaya beer, which is already a hit. Chinese people like fruity and sweet beer. This explains the great success behind it.


Brewery The Musketeers expands

The East-Flanders brewery The Musketeers is launching a new specialty beer in cans. Moreover, The Musketeers is increasing its production capacity in order to continue to meet the great demand at home and abroad.


Belgium, the land of Research and Development for AB InBev

Food companies are deliberately choosing to set up their R&D centre in Belgium.


Brewery Verhaeghe-Vichte uses beer and art for coronavirus research

Brewery Verhaeghe-Vichte, a small family business joined forces with abstract artist Lode Laperre to create a work of art around beer. The total proceeds of the exclusive beer cases will be donated to the World Health Organisation to support research in the fight against coronavirus.


Beer from Brouwerij Cornelissen crosses Atlantic Ocean

The Belgian brewer Cornelissen has been developing its export strategy for 5 years. After Asia, exports to the United States now follow.


Brouwerij Huyghe invests in sustainable solutions

The coronacrisis hit Brouwerij Huyghe hard. Despite a 15% loss of turnover, the company invested 9 million euros this year. 

Best of Belgium

Sustainably canned craftsmanship: Vanhonsebrouck brewery's specialty beers

For Kasteelbrouwerij Vanhonsebrouck, sustainability is at the core of it all: from export to partnerships and, of course, growth. These beer brewers have big dreams!


Special beer in cans from Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck set to win over Americans

The West-Flemish town of Izegem is home to the imposing brewery complex of Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck, replete with towers like a real castle.


Belgian beers and Belgian breweries: vibrant and going places

Out of the medieval guilds grew one of the world’s oldest professional associations: the Federation of Belgian Brewers. We spoke to Lambert De Wijngaert of the Belgian brewers about our beer culture, but also about innovation, exports and sustainability in the industry.

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