With each single biscuit, we bake a little piece of history
150 years of legacy.
Only the best natural ingredients are combined in a harmonious way so that our biscuits have never been equaled in their quality and in their taste.
The best taste for you is generating a better quality of life in the world with Belgian UTZ certified chocolate, natural and most sustainable ingredients.
IFS6 is our basis, our commitment goes further: we use exclusively sustainable fats, only certified UTZ cocoa, the best Belgian chocolate and other ingredients in their most excellent form.
Our team of highly qualified experts put all at work to ensure the production of up to 70 tons of the finest biscuits every day which are then transported and distributed throughout the whole world.
Our consumers vary from the youngest babies, military staff during deployment, population in distress and crisis zones or those focusing on the health thanks to vitamins in our cookies.
Try them!
Each bite reveals the taste of long-established, delicious biscuit, highly appreciated by each and every one. May you be young or younger, or may you be on a diet, we offer the perfectly adapted biscuit.

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Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom