Brouwerij Cornelissen



Sixth generation headstrong Belgian true craft brewery. Call us stubborn, but we are still a family with strong values. We still brew our beers ourselves, we still use copper kettles, and we can guarantee our quality for at least another 160 years.

Products and brands


Cornelissen Luxury Lager, Herkenrode Cister, Herkenrode Noctis, Herkenrode Vesper, King Mule IPA, Kriekenbear, Kriekenbier Lager, Kriekenbier Wheat, LIMBURGSE WITTE, Limburgse Witte Crazy Lion, Limburgse Witte Lemon, Limburgse Witte Peach&Mango, Limburgse Witte Pear&Apple, Limburgse Witte Rosé, Limburgse Witte Strawberry, OPS-ALE, PAX PILS, ST-GUMMARUS DUBBEL, ST-GUMMARUS TRIPEL

High fermentation beer

Ingredient, Kosher


B2C, Own brand

Available in the following countries

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, France, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Lao PDR, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Russian Federation, Taiwan (Republic of China), Ukraine, United States of America, Vietnam