Ceres is a major player in the national and international quality flour market. In addition to a wide range of flour varieties, we also offer support to our bakery customers: ranging from specific advice and workshops to marketing tips, store decoration and more. We talk to our bakers through our representatives. The ‘De Warme Bakker’ quality label supports bakeries for the promotion and sale of new and existing products. Together we aspire to the very best in bread and service: authentic, high-quality and sustainable.
Ceres has more than 125 years of experience. In 1889 our mills first started grinding on the Brussels-Scheldt Maritime Canal. You can still find them there today. The location by the water remains perfect for the transport of grain. But our resources also arrive by train and lorry, directly to our team of specialists. They test, analyse, check and innovate with passion and expertise. We are very proud of our delicious and original products – from our Basics and Classics to our Specials and Top-range.
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