Neobulles is a global producer and distributor of beers, non-alcoholic wines and sparkling juices for kids. Our premium beverages are sold around the world combining tradition and innovation. Our brands are some of the best performing in the market, thanks to our passion about bringing to the market the finest, innovative and leading brands developed by a dedicated team of specialists.
VINTENSE is the leader of alcohol-free wines in Belgium. We offer a range of premium quality 0,0% wines thanks to a unique dealcoholisation process. Alcohol is removed completely from carefully selected alcoholic wines by using vacuum dealcoholisation at low temperatures which preserves flavours and aromas. Thanks to its high quality, Vintense has been rewarded by multiple Medals : Gold Medals at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles and Golden Stars at the ITI.

BIERE DES AMIS is a complete range of Belgian beers which has been initiated with a specialty blonde beer created according to a traditional recipe of a beer with character. The dealcoholized version of this top fermented specialty beer exists as well in an alcohol-free version which is produced with the same cutting-edge technology as our Vintense non-alcoholic wines. Three new references have been launched this year to complete the range : an IPA, a triple and a fruity one. You will undeniably find a beer to suit your tastes in our range.

KIDIBUL is our sparkling festive juice range for kids with no added sugar, no preservatives and no additive.

NON ALCOHOLIC WINES : VINTENSE (www.vintense.be/en)
BEERS : BIERE DES AMIS (www.bieredesamis.be/en)
SPARKLING JUICE FOR KIDS : KIDIBUL (https://www.kidibul.be/)

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Bière Des Amis

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