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On this page, discover what Belgian food and beverage companies are up to – including the latest innovations, investments and events. After all, companies in Belgium don’t sit still for long! For bite-sized news items, satisfy your craving with some food.be snacks. Are you more interested in exports and investments? Check out our Best of Belgium long-read stories. Not in the mood for reading? There’s a food.be video to suit your tastes. Hear the voices of our own companies speak in their own words. Enjoy!


Ovidias: a passion for sustainable Belgian chocolates

What started 45 years ago as a modest confectionery company developed into a globally renowned chocolate brand of Belgian origin with both private and professional customers. Ovidias has a sustainable passion: to make delicious chocolates with love for the craft and the planet.


Spotted at Anuga: 5 promising trends for tomorrow’s food

Anuga 2023 is a wrap! The food fair in Cologne was again the event of the year for our members. As many as 192 Belgian food companies talked to existing and potentially new customers about their diverse products and latest innovations.


Press release: Belgian food exports to Australia are on the rise

Australia is on the up as an export destination for Belgian food and drinks. Last year the country made its first appearance in the top 5 of overseas export destinations. The upcoming European-Australian trade agreement is certain to lend even more of a boost to the food and beverage trade.

Best of Belgium

The Belgian Chocolate Group: winning over the world with Belgian chocolate

Belgian chocolate enjoys a reputation of excellence around the globe and The Belgian Chocolate Group plays a crucial role in maintaining this position. The Group is a 100% Belgian company where Belgian chocolate is at the very heart of its activities.

Best of Belgium

Spotlight: the plans of international success story Milcobel

What started out in the early 20th century as a modest initiative of local Belgian dairy farmers that took on the form of a cooperative, has since developed into an international success story in the dairy industry. Yet, the roots of Belgian company Milcobel remain embedded in our country.

Best of Belgium

Beer, tradition and local roots: the tale of Brouwerij Roman

Roman Brewery is synonymous with dedication, quality and tradition. Amid the changes the beer industry witnessed in recent decades, the business doggedly focused on innovation and diversification to keep its place in the hearts of beer lover across the globe.  

Best of Belgium

Avieta: Top quality Belgian waffles

Avieta has been winning over hearts (and taste buds) all around the world for over 80 years with its scrumptious waffles. Behind this sweet indulgence is a tale of tradition, quality and continuous innovation.

Best of Belgium

Greenyard: ‘from fork to field’ for a sustainable future

Belgian company Greenyard saw the light of day in the small East Flemish town of Belsele back in 1983. Over the past four decades, the business has waxed to become a true world leader in the production and distribution of fresh, frozen and prepared fruit and vegetables. 

Best of Belgium

Brouwerij Cornelissen: Traditional brewing methods recognised around the globe

Belgian beer culture enjoys worldwide renown for its rich history and artisanal brewing methods. One such brewery that places a premium on tradition is Brouwerij Cornelissen. The business has been sticking to its artisanal brewing methods since 1811.