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The group OCG Cacao was founded in 1997 and has grown rapidly into one of the major players in the chocolate business.
Since the end of 2003, OCG Cacao has been integrated into the Cargill Group and since April 2007 the trademark has changed
into Cargill Chocolate Products . At this time the chocolate division has already six manufacturing sites in Western Europe of
which two are in Belgium, namely one in Moeskroen and one in Antwerp. Cargill Chocolate Products as chocolate producer,
a recognised “player” in the industrial market and gourmet market. With a comprehensive product range, Cargill Chocolate Products is able to satisfy the specific needs of the diverse customer base. Semi-finished products, liquid chocolate, chocolate
decorations, easy melt chocolate and compound are a part of the product portfolio. Plain chocolate, milk chocolate as well as
white chocolate hold no secrets for Cargill Chocolate Products. One of the greatest strengths of Cargill Chocolate Products, is
being a “no-nonsense company” that feels very strongly about quality. First of all, the quality of the chocolate is guaranteed, due to the fact that raw materials are carefully selected and tested by an experienced team of quality experts. Apart from the detailed recording of “traceability” system, we focus on consistent products, customer-friendly service, realistic price policy and continuous improvement, all of which, are factors that lead to the success of Cargill Chocolate Products.

Products and brands

Base products for Chocolate industry

Basic products, ingredients for the food industry

Organic, Sugar Free

Chocolate as ingredient (semi-finished product)

Cocoa butter, fat and oil

Cocoa powder

Gerkens® cocoa powder


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