Crop's Fruits N.V.



Crop's Fruits is a producer of frozen fruit and frozen fruitpuree (portions).
Serving you with the top frozen food expertise, we seek to delight people and appreciate nature.
Our fruit excellence grows from transparency, because the beauty of nature is straightforward. When you sow know-how, you harvest quality. When you respect nature, it gives back its gifts. We pursue the same fairness, trust and commitment in relations with people.
We treasure fruit, nature’s gold, and share this gift with you, food professionals, around the world. That is why we use all our knowledge to grow the finest ingredients and turn it into delicious and innovative fruit products. We support you with a reliable and transparent network. So you can find the perfect tastes, colors, aromas and textures. You can grow through our know-how, as we listen and align with your needs.
May the sun from our terroirs around the world illuminate your delicious products and beautiful creations.

Products and brands

Fruits, fruit-based preparations, honey



B2B, B2C, Foodservices, Retail, Own brand, Private label