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Company overview

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SA Brasserie des Trappistes de Rochefort

  • Beverages


  • Snacks, crisps, chips

Salaisons du Hainaut

  • Meat, meat products and game

Salm Invest SA

  • Fish, shellfish and molluscs

Salsa Food Group NV

  • Convenience food, prepared meals and dishes
  • Spices, condiments and seasonings

SanoRice Belgium N.V.

  • Rice, flour, cereals and derivates, pasta

Sas N.V.

  • Beverages

Savencia Fromage & Dairy Benelux

  • Dairy and plant-based alternatives to dairy

Saverde BV

  • Chocolate and chocolate products

Scaldis-Ruien N.V.

  • Oils and fats

Scheldebrouwerij BVBA

  • Beverages

Schreiber Foods Belgium

  • Dairy and plant-based alternatives to dairy

Schweppes Suntory Benelux S.A.

  • Beverages

Segafredo Zanetti Belgium

  • Beverages

Seizoensbrouwerij Vandewalle

  • Beverages

Sensient Flavors Belgium N.V.

  • Basic products, ingredients for the food industry