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Ecofrost masterAdministrator Fri, 20/07/2018 - 09:07

Ecofrost Inc. is a young Belgian company located in Peruwelz. We specialize in frozen potato products, mainly frozen chips.

Ecofrost offers quality products at competitive prices considering the ever-changing consumer demand patterns of the final customers. To this end, Ecofrost committed to strive to be profitable so that further investment in the future can be guaranteed.

Ecofrost Inc. was founded by two families, family Vervaeke and family Hoflack.
Pol and Dries Vervaeke, who come from a family of three generations dealing in the fresh potato trade, have provided knowledge of the raw material. With this experience, they know to choose the right raw material and to support their farmers under contract properly.

Luc and Marc Hoflack have 25 years experience in frozen vegetables.
Together they provide a perfect synergy which creates "a new signature in the world of potatoes".

Since the company's foundation in 2003, Ecofrost Inc. Delivers products to more than 110 countries world-wide. Our R&D department is always ready to try and fulfill the needs of the international clientele.
The principles of our young company are trust, flexibility, team spirit, service, quality and customer satisfaction. Six points that all our employees always have in mind.

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Europa Cuisson masterAdministrator Fri, 20/07/2018 - 09:07

Europa Cuisson is a company specialising in the production of cooked poultry meat. With twenty-seven years’ experience in this sector, Europa Cuisson continually develops and adapts its range of cooked poultry products to meet the diverse and varied needs of the food industry and catering professionals.

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