The Mozzarella Experience Center strengthens Milcobel's position as mozzarella expert


Milcobel, a leading dairy cooperative based in Belgium, has recently unveiled the Mozzarella Experience Centre. This initiative represents a substantial investment in fostering innovation, acquiring knowledge, and promoting co-creation and collaboration with customers and chefs from around the globe. This experience centre is the place to be to exchange expertise and knowledge about mozzarella, the most popular cheese in 2023.

Mozzarella Experience Center

Belgian mozzarella

When you think of mozzarella, you might first think of the Italian mozzarella balls from the supermarket. But did you know that Belgium gives the Italians a run for their money when it comes to mozzarella as an ingredient cheese? Milcobel positions itself as one of the most prominent and diverse mozzarella producers for professional applications in Europe. Milcobel recently opened the "Mozzarella Experience Center" in Langemark as a true knowledge and co-creation centre. At the Center, Milcobel will work with its customers from all over the world on new applications for this multifunctional cheese.

Fast Asian growth

Mozzarella is growing in popularity in Asia: "The largest share of our exports is currently to Europe, where market growth averages about 2.5 to 3% a year," says Milcobel's Francis Relaes. "But in recent years, the Asian market in particular has been gaining momentum, with annual growth rates of up to 6-7% in some countries. Countries like South Korea and Japan, in particular, offer future opportunities. Europe's free trade agreements with these countries have contributed to making them part of the top five nations to which Europe exports cheese. International trade stands as a significant catalyst for innovation within Milcobel. In the Asian market, cheese finds incredibly diverse applications, as they continuously experiment with new preparations.

Expertise & innovation

Mozzarella, being a technically complex product, has been a subject of Milcobel's research for approximately 20 years in collaboration with domestic and international universities and research institutes. At the "Mozzarella Experience Centre", they will now share this expertise in production and applications. There is of course the traditional use of mozzarella on pizza, but what do you think about innovative combinations coming over from Asia like the cheese corn dog – a kind of mozzarella croquette on a stick?

Milcobel also shares its insights in ripening, transport, freezing, thawing, and other issues that hold significance in the numerous export markets where Milcobel conducts its operations. Visitors can expect demonstrations, tests, and analyses. Innovation and inspiration days will be organised for professional clients. And finally, Milcobel is eager to establish partnerships with pizza makers, chefs, and hotel schools.

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