Puratos predicts five game-changing food trends


Puratos, the world's leading producer of bakery products, patisserie and chocolate ingredients, predicts food trends with their “Taste Tomorrow” research program. By combining expert analysis with data and artificial intelligence, Puratos unveils the 5 fastest-growing consumer trends that will have a significant impact on food producers worldwide.

Ever-evolving consumer needs

The “Taste Tomorrow” research program provides Puratos with unparalleled insights into consumer demands and preferences. By surveying over 20,000 consumers across 50 countries and conducting interviews with industry experts, Puratos can accurately predict the future trajectory of these trends, enabling food manufacturers to stay ahead of the market.

Sophie Blum, Chief Marketing Officer at Puratos, emphasizes how empowering their research can be for food companies. By proactively creating products aligned with these consumer needs, businesses can thrive in the ever-changing food industry. This way, Puratos and its customers are guiding the industry towards the future. The current trends? Innovative food solutions that promote health and well-being.

Five trends to look out for

From flour and grain alternatives to upcycled food, the latest analysis of the Taste Tomorrow data reveals five trends, that offer exciting opportunities for innovation and growth in 2023:

flour  Flour and grain alternatives: With a focus on health benefits such as weight loss and improved digestion, consumers are opting for different grains and seeds, more gluten-free, low-carb and wheat-free diets. This trend is expected to grow by 23% by the end of this year.
  Classics continued: Consumers are drawn to familiar yet exciting products that provide comfort and quality. Nostalgia meets innovation as consumers seek upgraded versions of traditional bakery, patisserie and chocolate treats, driving a 22% growth rate. 

sweet  Sweet spot: While health-consciousness is on the rise, consumers still crave delicious moments, paving the way for reduced-sugar or sugar-free treats that meet their cravings without compromising on taste and texture.
  Upcycled food: By utilizing by-products or ingredients that would typically go to waste, food manufacturers can create innovative and cost-effective products while reducing food waste and environmental impact. With an expected growth rate of 18% this year, upcycled food presents a sustainable and attractive option for manufacturers.

grain  Immunity boosting: Consumers now expect their food to provide more than just nutrition, with a particular focus on immune health. This trend presents a 15% growth opportunity for the industry, especially in convenient staples like bread.
  The future of the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors is shaped by these game-changing trends. As Puratos continues to uncover and analyze consumer preferences, the food industry can expect exciting developments that cater to ever-evolving consumer demands. 


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