From the United States to Japan: have you heard about the latest food trends?

Last year, our Belgian food companies exported no less than 30 billion euros in food and drink. Good reason to take a look at the world at large and to play to our strengths through our promotional brand “”.


A reward for Alpro's sustainability efforts

Outstanding: that is how the B Corp certificate describes Alpro's sustainability efforts. The score, which evolved from "great" to "outstanding" in three years' time, shows that the sustainability mission of the plant-based pioneer is still very much alive 40 years after its start. 


Toddler milk Bambix from Inex takes its first steps on Chinese market

China is the second largest overseas export market for Belgian food and beverages. It is a market with many opportunities, but certainly not an obvious one. In November, the East Flemish dairy company Inex will make its entrance into the Chinese market with toddler milk Bambix via Alibaba.