Fresh from the oven


Hopping along with Brewery Palm

What grapes are to fine wine, are hops to great beer. Brewery Palm is investing in the future of Belgian hops by joining forces with the non-profit organisation "De Orde van de Groene Bel". By teaming up, the brewery is aiming for more locally sourced raw materials in its beers.


Beyers Koffie pioneers electric coffee roasting line

Beyers Koffie is teaming up with CEE, a Belgian cleantech company, to create the first-ever all-electric coffee roasting line on an industrial scale. An innovation that reduces energy consumption by up to three times, thus reducing the climate impact of coffee production. 


PMSweet is expanding and is now the world’s biggest macaron producer

The world’s biggest macaron factory, you ask? Well, it happens to be based in Belgium. PMSweet poured substantial investments in a 17,000 m2 state-of-the-art factory. An investment that rightly allows PMSweet to call itself the world’s biggest macaron producer. 


Upcycling with Gudrun’s pralines

The chocolate producer Gudrun, located in Lier, developed a chocolate delight based on cocoa fruit pulp, the pod of the cocoa bean. The Cacaofruit Bites is a great example of circularity, in which the residual product is being incorporated into the final product.


Belcolade: the very first carbon-neutral chocolate factory in Belgium

Belcolade, a Belgian subsidiary of Puratos, expands its chocolate factory situated in Erembodegem. Worth over 120 million euros, this is Puratos’ largest investment so far. The goal? To double the production capacity and to become "Belgium's first 100% carbon-neutral chocolate factory".


Ovidias: a passion for sustainable Belgian chocolates

What started 45 years ago as a modest confectionery company developed into a globally renowned chocolate brand of Belgian origin with both private and professional customers. Ovidias has a sustainable passion: to make delicious chocolates with love for the craft and the planet.

Best of Belgium

The Belgian Chocolate Group: winning over the world with Belgian chocolate

Belgian chocolate enjoys a reputation of excellence around the globe and The Belgian Chocolate Group plays a crucial role in maintaining this position. The Group is a 100% Belgian company where Belgian chocolate is at the very heart of its activities.