Chocolade-Atelier Vyverman BV



You’ll find Chocolade-Atelier Vyverman just outside the centre of Sint-Niklaas. In front of the open workshop, step into our delightful shop where you can breathe in the chocolate aromas to your heart’s content. While we’re packing your order, you can take a look at our traditional chocolate workshop. Discover how we make chocolates by hand in the traditional way. The highlight is our wide selection of chocolate products. They range from a basic assortment of chocolates with classic flavours to our own trendy taste combinations. Chocolate maker Vyverman also creates all kinds of hollow figures. Personalising chocolate is our speciality. To arrive at a high-quality end result, we take great care in selecting our ingredients, only using the highest quality chocolate, the creamiest butter, the freshest nuts and the finest cream.

Products and brands

Candy bars

Chocolate and chocolate products

Gluten Free, Sugar Free

Chocolate blocks, slabs or bars, filled

Figures, not filled (hollow figures)

Guimauve, marshmallows





Gluten Free, Sugar Free

Pralines containing alcohol



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