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Chocolaterie Carré is a family business from Moen that specializes in liqueur chocolates with liquid filling. This is done in a unique way, based on a traditional recipe. Thanks to the sense of innovation and experiment, chocolaterie Carré developed a wide range of flavours, from classic liqueurs to fresh cocktail tastes. But the icing on the cake is our praline filled with beer. ChocOBeer. For which we have a patent and work together with 3 Belgian breweries. The unique combination of Belgian Beers and Belgian chocolate is worldwide popular. As a supplement to the usual assortment, chocolaterie Carré is a major supplier of private label customers in different countries and for wellknown international companies. With private label chocolates, the label is adapted to the needs of the customer. But it goes further : Event the shape, flavour and brand can be discussed. For information don't hesitate to contact us.

Products and brands


Pralines containing alcohol

Amuselle, ChoCocktail, ChocOBeer, Delicoeur


B2B, B2C, Retail, Own brand, Private label

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Canada, China, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America