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OVIDIAS, a family company since 1978, is a manufacturer of Belgian chocolates. We produce more than 80 different chocolates with fillings based on praliné, ganache, cream, fruit… The home-made fillings are prepared traditionally with 100% cocoa butter, natural ingredients and no preservatives are added.
We propose traditional and premium gift packaging in different sizes.
Our company give high priority to innovation. We developed a unique concept and a patented packaging “chocolates in a can”. This packaging makes sure the freshness and unique taste of the chocolates remain intact.
Ovidias is holder of the IFS and BRC quality food standard certificates. They meet all these requirements with a percentage at the highest level.
We protect our precious chocolates with 100% recyclable freshpacks, which prevents food waste. This way we use 50% less plastic compared to a plastic tray packaging.
The result of all this? Delicious Belgian chocolates of the highest quality made by an experienced team with passion and dedication.

Products and brands


Ambiant, Chilled


B2B, B2C, Retail, Own brand, Private label

Available in the following countries

Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan (Republic of China), Thailand, United Kingdom